Globant Wirekit

About the project

The Wirekit is a white label gallery so that each Glober could use it in their different projects without straying from the look and feel of the product and thus facilitate their work, achieve faster deliveries and maintain order and a clear difference between wireframes and mockups.

El wirekit se ha descargado más de 200 veces.


Components created

Learning opportunities

We started as a team of 2 UXs and 2 UIs from different parts of the world. We have been adding members who want to learn how to make components in Figma with Auto Layout and thus take advantage of the opportunity to teach and learn in exchange for help to expedite the delivery of components.

UI Kit

Font used Inter
Color scale
Input types
Button types


Every components comes with instructions on how to customize and manipulate them without having to break them.

Graphic explanation on how to use buttons
Graphic explanation on how to resize buttons
Button different component types