I'm Valeria

(Vale o Val)

Not so long ago
there was a kid...

Who loved to play barefoot in her grandmother’s garden inventing fantastic worlds of princesses, witches and dragons.

Vale super tierna con un sombrero gigante a los dos años
2 yeas old Valeria Assiso

From a very young age,
they realized that she
was not like others kids

She was bored at school and everything related to it seemed like a waste of time. She always got into trouble because she questioned everything, because she never seemed fair to have to do or adapt to things that she did not agree with just because “that’s the way it is.”

So, rebellious and with a lot of cause, she always got her way. She did not like math nor did she understand biology and chemistry, but she did very well in art and languages, and she was happy creating beautiful things. She always knew that her imagination was her best attribute and she was determined to show it.

After graduating in Graphic Design, she started a small stationery company called Croté, where she created beautiful hand-drawn notebooks, diaries, and bookmarks with motifs from Venezuela. Croté was her baby, her greatest pride and her designs sold like hot cakes. Croté lived for a year until in 2017 she had to emigrate.

She arrived in Lima where after a few months she met who would be her first boss in the professional world of design. During this stage she took her first steps in that unknown and exciting world where every day she could develop her full potential and see the fruits of her passion materialize.

Vale con una llama, una alpaca y una señito en Cusco, Perú

Always in search of expanding her knowledge, she managed to enter the world of design by taking different courses and soaking up all the information she could find. This prompted her to grow and every day to seek to become more and more professional.

All this path took her to know the world of WordPress. A wonderful tool where she can bring all of her designs to life and apply all of her knowledge.

Vale haciendo muecas
Vale riéndose

This long and extraordinary path has shown her that she can always know more, and since she began her studies she has not stopped learning, because design is not just her job, it is part of her being. She understood that as she was learning something new, many paths were opening and the possibilities were endless.

Today her greatest happiness is applying all this to create exceptional web pages that are everything that each client can dream of and thus share her great passion with the world.

Today I want you to be part of my story

Let me know how can I help you, contact me at hola@valeassiso.com or via Whatsapp