UI design for

The company

Movistar is a transnational telecommunications company owned by Telefónica. It is the largest provider of fixed telephone, broadband, mobile and pay television services in Spain.


tools in one

The project

Visor is a tool used by the Movistar Call Center and stores in Peru to help resolve customer complaints and needs faster and more efficiently.


Les repetitive calls


Less calls transferred


The idea was to give them a fun, easy-to-use tool to reduce the advisor stress levels and make their way of working feel more like a fun game.
We worked using the Movistar design system but with the freedom to mold it to our liking to make the tool look more fun and colorful than the rest of Movistar products.


We managed to bring together a large part of the more than 40 customer service tools in the after-sales area into a single functional tool, focused on the user, easy to use and totally intuitive, thus reducing the TMO (Time of Call Duration) and consequently the The transfer of calls between the different service areas decreased from 111.8% to 8.0%, achieving a more efficient service that in turn managed to reduce repeated calls to the different channels from 64.3% to 21.7% .

UI Kit

Fonts used Telefónica
Color pallet for Movistar


Mockup menú principal
Mockup menú de seguimiento de pedido
Mockup de agendamiento fecha
Mockup de agendamiento
Mockup revisión de estado de servicio
Mockup menu de avería
Mockup descartes
Mockup tabla de solicitudes no procesadas
Mockup seguimiento de pedido
Mockup agendamiento satisfactorio
Mockup pedido cancelado con éxito
Mockup revisión del estado del servicio
Mockup atención
Mockup configuración de modem